BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Eight weeks after Election Day and the highly contested race of the 16th State Senate District is taking another turn. The Incumbent, Melissa Hurtado, is requesting a recount of Kern ballots.

The move came after her republican challenger, David Shepard, previously asked for a recount when Hurtado edged a victory over him with a mere 20 votes.

The original recount request in December by challenger David Shepard asked for a recount in Fresno, Kings, Kern and Tulare counties. However, in the newly requested recount by Hurtado, she claims only one-fifth of the ballots were asked to be counted in Kern County. She suggests those ballots were from precincts most favorable to his campaign. Hurtado wants a complete recount of the whole county.

Shepard has had the most success in Fresno County and Kings County and Hurtado in Tulare and Kern Counties. Political Analyst Neel Sannappa shares that recounting more of Kern County’s votes could be bad for Shepard.

“Hurtado was doing very well in Kern County throughout the entire count. She had about 57 to 58 percent of the voters within Kern County, so if that is all that’s left to be recounted, then that is bad news for Mr. Shepard,” Sannappa said.