Shannon Grove says Newsom’s budget plan will not fix California’s existing problems

Shanon Grove, Gavin Newsom

FILE – California Gov. Gavin Newsom talks with Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove, of Bakersfield, Calif., after giving his first state of the state address to a joint session of the legislature at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019. The diversity bill approved by the Senate would require California-based public corporations to have one board director from an underrepresented community by the end of 2021. California moved closer Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020, to requiring corporate boards to include racial or sexual minorities, expanding on a new law that sets a similar requirement for including women directors. Those who qualify would self-identify as Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native, or as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. I think positions should be earned,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove of Bakersfield. “In private business, boards should be elected and people should be put on boards that best represent the business, and that can be anybody’s skin color.” (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — On Monday Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) scrutinized and applauded a part of Governor Newsom’s $286 billion dollar state budget proposal.

Newsom’s budget proposal includes important areas of interest such as COVID-19, climate change, homelessness, crime, health care and the states cost of living.

Grove quickly stated her opinion on the state budget plan by saying he is pushing the same policies on California that led the state to have the problems that he is trying to combat with the new budget proposal.

“Governor Newsom’s budget over taxes and over-regulates Californians while continuing to push the same policies that have resulted in the highest cost of living, the highest poverty, historically high crime rates and worsening homeless crisis, despite record high spending,” Grove said.

The senator also stated she was happy with Newsom’s plan to set aside $400 million to increase the number of firefighters in the state to meet the demands of wildfire management, but without setting aside a part of the budget for water storage, it will not fix the state’s food and water security issues.

“In December, Senator McGuire and I called on the governor to increase the number of state firefighters to meet the increasing demands of wildfire management, and I am pleased he has set aside $400 million for this proposal,” Grove said. “I appreciate the governor’s focus on the drought’s impact on food producers and funding for water conveyance, but with no additional money for water storage, the budget is still not serious about addressing California’s food and water security. I hope the governor understands we can’t import 100% of the food the Central Valley grows.”

Grove is also still strongly opposed to Newsom’s plan to faze out oil and gas production in the state to move.

“I am also strongly opposed to the governor’s continued war on the state’s oil and gas industry, which provides good jobs for thousands of families and energy security for all Californians. The governor and the majority party must prioritize the immediate needs of Californians, instead of focusing on their utopian Government controlled state,” said Grove.

Newsom’s budget plan has received mixed responses from other Central Valley politicians Rudy Salas, Vince Fong and several from Fresno County.

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