SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Gov. Newsom was in the South Bay on Thursday to share “significant” transportation and infrastructure investments, according to his office.

He said the latest budget proposal is intentionally focused on bringing together issues related to climate, health, economic and workforce development – with transportation being a key aspect within all of these issues.

The state’s investment plans clean transit projects and the transition to zero-emission vehicles, his office said.

The budget plan commits $10 billion of state funding over two years for zero-emission vehicles, Newsom said. There is already $384 million in federal funding dedicated to the cause.

“There are potholes in California that are old enough to qualify for Medicare,” Gov. Newsom said. “But I want folks to know that this state is at a whole other level of investment over many, many years to improve the infrastructure and connectivity in this state north and south regionally.”

In the proposed budget, the governor is also reaffirming his support for high-speed rail, asking for $4.2 billion to complete the first phase of the project under construction in the Central Valley.

“To finish the job, to get that first phase done,” Newsom said.