BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — After President Biden announced sanctions on Russian energy imports including oil Tuesday, gas prices have hit all-time highs across the nation, particularly in California and Central Valley lawmakers are calling for something to be done.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy supports President Biden’s decision to ban Russian fuel products but also calls for more fuel production to start in the United States.

After Biden’s announcement Tuesday morning, Senator Shannon Grove sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom commending him on his proposal of state sanctions to stop the flow of money to Russia. But also calling for the governor to fast track over 1,000 permits awaiting approval that would expand drilling in the state.

“Those projects would add thousands of new oil wells, create good-paying jobs for Californians, and approving them would send a message that California’s energy security will not be a victim to foreign regimes that are incompatible with our freedoms,” Grove wrote. “I implore you to support our in-state producers who can quickly ramp up local production if permits would be processed in a timely manner.”

While not specifically calling for more oil production in the United States, Senator Melissa Hurtado said something needs to be done about the prices at the pump and she is going to work on finding a solution.

“My position has always been very clear, having a long-term energy strategy is necessary, but it does nothing for those suffering at the pump in the meantime,” Hurtado said in a press release.

Congressman David Valadao voiced his concerns with the state’s gas prices on Wednesday in a post on Facebook.

“The average price for a gallon of gas reached $5.57 in California this week, and costs will continue to rise unless we put our domestic energy capabilities to use,” Valadao posted alongside a photo of gas prices at the Shell Gas Station on the corner of L and 23rd streets.

Assemblymember Vince Fong also believes the permits awaiting approval by the Newsom administration should be approved, according to a social media post on Wednesday.

“As gas prices continue to skyrocket, we need more domestic energy production,” Fong posted. “California has the abundant inland natural resources to be more energy independent!”

Assemblymember Rudy Salas said the answer to keeping prices down at the pump is right in our own backyard.

“I voted against raising the gas tax and was punished because I was the only Democrat in the Assembly who said it was wrong.,” said Salas. “We have hard working men and women right here in Kern County who can produce the oil to keep gas prices down by freeing us from foreign dictators and their wars.“

Newsom’s made it clear he did not want to start drilling more oil in California during his State of the State Address Tuesday.

“One thing we cannot do is repeat the mistakes of the past by embracing polluters, drilling even more oil,” Newsom said.