Kevin McCarthy delays spending bill vote with record-breaking speech


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Democrats in the House headed into Thursday night expecting victory.

They didn’t get it.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) delivered an hours-long speech on the House floor, delaying passage of a multi-trillion dollar spending bill — a cornerstone of President Biden’s agenda. The Build Back Better bill allocates money to fight climate change, lower healthcare costs, and expand family care. With only one House Democrat offering public dissent, it seemed likely to pass last night.

“The impact of this historic legislation will be reflected in the greater economic security of millions of families,” Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said.

That is, until McCarthy took the floor.

“‘Cause if you tell them one thing, and you vote for another, what are they going to believe you on?” McCarthy said.

His eight-and-a-half hour long speech broke a record for the longest on the House floor.

“Personally, I didn’t think I could go this long,” McCarthy said near the end of the speech, which got him and Bakersfield trending on Twitter, and brought the disdain of groups like the United Farm Workers.

McCarthy wrapped up around 5 a.m. ET to a standing ovation from House Republicans.

The House reconvened at 8 a.m. ET Friday to finalize procedures on the bill. If it passes the House, which is likely, it will head to the Senate for adjustment.

Update: The House of Representatives passed the spending bill just before 10 a.m. ET Friday. The bill now heads to the Senate.

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