Kevin McCarthy criticizes hefty reconciliation plan: ‘Have Democrats even read the bill?’


Friday, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) urged people to pay more attention to the 2,146-page social agenda package Democrats are trying to pass at his weekly press conference.

“Only 10 percent of Americans say they know what’s in this bill, and I bet that percentage is even lower amongst Democrats in Congress,” McCarthy said.

He criticized the Congressional Budget Office for not properly advertising the cost of the Reconciliation Bill, which Biden has said will cost $1.75 trillion.

“We should be working on lowering consumer costs and reducing runaway inflation, but instead President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s agenda will make inflation a permanent mainstay in our economy,” McCarthy said.

“And all today,” McCarthy added. “They want to rush through a bill that will cost $4 trillion and bring more harm and damage to problems they already created.”

The bill aims to:

  • Provide universal pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds,
  • Put limits on childcare costs to no more than 7 percent of income for anyone earning up to 250 percent of the state median income,
  • Increase child tax credit to $300 per month for each child under 6 and $250 per month for each child age 6 to 17,
  • Increase income tax credits,
  • Improving Medicaid coverage for seniors and people with disabilities,
  • Expand Medicaid and enhance Affordable Care Act subsidies,
  • Cover hearing benefits in Medicare,
  • Provide tax credits for investments that combat climate change like solar panels or electric vehicles,
  • Build and rehabilitate more affordable housing,
  • Expand student aid Pell grants for college students,
  • Provide more free school meals and
  • Reform the immigration system.

Democrats plan to tax corporations, the rich, have stricter IRS enforcement on federal taxes and do away with the drug industry’s rebate system to pay for the bill.

Watch the full press conference above.

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