ANAHEIM, Calif (KGET) — The California GOP is holding its annual 3-day convention this weekend in Anaheim, bringing together some of the most influential Republicans in the state. 

The party is hoping to unify Republicans in the overwhelming blue California as it gears up for the 2022 midterm election. Bakersfield Congressman and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was the keynote speaker at a dinner banquet Saturday where he talked about the Republican party’s platform for the midterm election, including curbing inflation and securing the southern border.

This comes as the New York Times reported this week that McCarthy considered recommending former President Donald Trump resign after the Jan. 6 Capitol attack on a call with top GOP lawmakers. 

McCarthy quickly denied the report, but then MSNBC and CNN aired tapes of the phone conversations that appeared to show the accuracy of the report. 

Saturday, McCarthy called out CNN and MSNBC but did not mention the tapes or the New York Times report.

“We are only 199 days from election day. The fate of liberty hands in the balance. Now on election day, I want to give the Democrats the exact same thing CNN+ was given this week — let’s cancel them once and for all. Now I shouldn’t really pick on CNN and MSNBC, they have more letters in their name than they have viewers.”

17’s Maddie Gannon will have coverage of the convention in Anaheim Sunday on 17 News.