Monday, Congressman David Valadao expressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Orders federally mandating vaccinations for employees that work in an environment with more that 100 people, federal contractors and federal employees via a letter to the president.

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In the letter, Vladao said he believed in the vaccine, but getting vaccinate was ultimately a personal choice that would have consequences on the already struggling economy.

“President Biden’s vaccine mandates will be financially and administratively burdensome for the companies and organizations that are subject to the Executive Orders,” Valadao said. “This will also be incredibly challenging, costly, and inconvenient for employees who will be required to receive weekly COVID-19 tests, particularly in low-income and rural areas, like much of my district.”

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Valadao added that the labor shortage would be exacerbated with many people unable to get time off work without losing pay for weekly COVID-19 testing.

“At a time when industries all across the U.S. are desperately looking to hire additional employees, we cannot afford to be deterring people from pursuing new jobs and looking for work,” Valadao said. “Also, we should not be punishing those who are currently working, especially since many Americans subject to the mandate are some of our most essential and critical workers we rely on, including nurses and other health care professionals, truck drivers, teachers, law enforcement officers, first responders, and many more.”

Read the full letter here.