Corporations halt campaign funding for some Republican congressmen; No response from Rep. Kevin McCarthy amid calls to resign


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Republicans in Congress who voted against certifying the presidential election are receiving widespread criticism. Not only from colleagues and constituents – but now from their campaign donors.

After last Wednesday’s assault on the U.S. Capitol some big corporations are reevaluating their political campaign funding. Some are assigning at least partial responsibility to Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy for the violent riots. And McCarthy isn’t talking.

Some of the nation’s biggest corporations are halting millions of dollars in political campaign funding. Marriott, American Express and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association have paused funding for republicans who voted against certifying President-Elect Joe Biden’s win.

According to the Washington Post – Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have also halted political donations. Many are holding lawmakers accountable for supporting claims of a fraudulent presidential election.

They say these claims connect those congressmen to the violence that caused five deaths at the Capitol. Republican Senator Pat Toomey says Representative McCarthy and other Republican members of congress will suffer for their insistence on voter fraud.

“I think they’re going to pay a big price for this,” Toomey said. “Their reputations have been affected. You’ve seen the kind of reaction in the media back in their home states so their constituents will decide the final way to adjudicate this.”

Multiple congressmen have called for Representative McCarthy to resign. One local chapter of an organization known as ‘Indivisible’ has taken action to remove him from power.

“They created this situation that devolved into 5 people dying,” said Whitney Weddell, a spokesperson for Indivisible. “He has as much responsibility over that as the president does in our opinion.”

In one day – they’ve raised almost $2,000 to campaign against his reelection. A spokesperson says this money will go towards billboards and online advertising.

“He’s been ‘my Kevin’ for the President, but he hasn’t been our Kevin and he needs to be,” Weddell said. “Or we need to find a replacement who will be.”

For weeks – representative McCarthy would not directly say whether he believed this presidential election was corrupt.

“Once this election is called I think the President has a right to contest it and go forward- which he’s doing,” McCarthy said on 17News, November 25.

On Wednesday he voted to toss out votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Since the congressional vote last Wednesday – 17News has repeatedly contacted Representative McCarthy for an on-camera response to the criticism. He’s declined and refused to respond directly to widespread criticism from members of congress and his constituents. He has released a series of statements regarding the riots.

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