BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Central Valley leaders are happy that Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed a gas rebate to California drivers this summer, but they say it is not enough to combat skyrocketing gas prices.

Republicans have been lobbying for the suspension of the gas tax, which would save Californiana 51 cents per gallon at the pump, according to Vince Fong.

Fong called the proposal a temporary solution to the problem, saying “Another day has passed, and there is another proposal by Sacramento Democrats and the Governor to band-aid the affordability crisis crushing Californians.”

In a tweet, California Senator Shannon Grove celebrated the proposal, praising the governor for joining Republicans in their effort to lower gas prices. However, she reiterated the need to suspend the California gas tax to give Californians immediate relief at the pump. 

“Let’s do more & fully suspend the 51.1¢ gas tax NOW!” Grove said in the tweet.

Fong and Grove said ending the gas tax is not an end to the problem. They asked Newsom to source California oil by allowing more drilling statewide instead of turning to other countries and shipping it overseas to the states. 

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy asked the governor to sign the “1,000 permits” that sit on his desk on Monday to make California energy independent instead of turning to places that “don’t like us.”

Recently, the Kern County Board of Supervisors voted to propose allowing Kern County drillers to supply more oil.

Although any type of relief at this point seems to have bipartisan support, political leaders, at least in the Central Valley, are still looking for immediate relief for their constituents.