SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — California’s attorney general said people who are making charitable donations need to watch out for scammers this holiday season. 

Attorney General Rob Bonta recommended people watch out for names that sound like recognizable charities but do not exactly match. 

People should also be wary of fundraisers seen on social media. Bonta advises people to find out if a website is keeping a percentage of what is donated as a platform fee or if it’s all going to charity. 

The attorney general highlighted Habitat for Humanity as a legitimate charitable enterprise worthy of donations. Anyone who wants to donate to them can find them on the attorney general’s registry of charitable trusts. 

Being on the list is also a sign an organization is in compliance with state law and has financial records the public can access. 

Bonta warns would-be givers to avoid donation pressure from marketing calls and to do research on the group that will benefit.