Police reports detail how employee allegedly sent school letter posing as Voorhies principal

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A disparaging letter sent to parents of Voorhies Elementary School in November, implying the school’s principal was a pedophile, was linked to a local instructor with the help of Facebook, according to police reports.

In late November, parents in the district received a letter impersonating new Principal Erick Casallas, calling him a gay man who was excited to work with young boys.

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Bakersfield police allege academic coach Elvia Duenas spent a month in 2017 attempting to gain access to student information at Voorhies Elementary School, in order to print labels, according to police reports.

School officials the police interviewed say Duenas was one of several instructors reassigned to classroom duties on April 26 last year. But while many weren’t happy with the move, Duenas was said to be the most vocal about it, according to police reports.

This was the same day Duenas was questioned about a doctored letter of recommendation she used while applying for a promotion, which she didn’t get.

Police say Duenas tried accessing the database the next day but failed to log on, but succeeded a few weeks later to print the labels.

The report says Duenas swore on her father’s grave that she didn’t send the letter about Principal Casallas, saying she had been in Ventura during the time.

But police noticed the letters were sent from Santa Barbara on November 22 — and they were given Facebook photos showing Duenas in Santa Barbara during the same time.

Duenas was charged with petty theft for using $100 worth of school paper and envelopes to send the letter.

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