Pet cemetery coming to Bakersfield


There hasn’t been a pet cemetery in Bakersfield in decades, but Greenlawn in South Bakersfield is changing that.

The cleared a space for 2,400 pets. The first animal laid to rest there is KC, the dog of the cemetery’s president, Jim La Mar.

“We’re burying people’s loved ones, so it’s just kind of completing the whole family,” said Greenlawn manager Macey McGregor.

For now, the cemetery is only for cremated domestic animals, such as cats, dogs, birds, and turtles.

McGregor says the space and headstone could cost about $950

But she says the price offers benefits a backyard burial doesn’t.

“They have a place that they can go to, if for some reason you sell your house or you move,” she said. “This is a place you can come to that’ll always be here.”

Greenlawn will even hold a memorial or gravesite service for your pet.

The pet cemetery is located at 2739 Panama Lane.

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