Operation Boo promotes safe Halloween


Operation Boo conducted their 25th annual compliance check on Wednesday night. 

It is a statewide program put on by the California Department of Corrections where every year on Halloween night parole officers knock on the doors of child sex offenders to make sure they are in compliance. 

“This is a day for families to be festive and families and children are around the neighborhoods and they shouldn’t have to worry about being victimized by any means,” said Kyle Smith, parole officer.

Twenty-eight officers hit the streets on Halloween night with a mission: to ensure that sex offenders that have victimized children are adhering to their conditions of parole. 

They split up into three groups. All from different agencies, but with one goal. 

“There’s approximately eight parole agents assigned to the GPS unit, we have about eight parole units from the Bakersfield Complex helping out tonight, we have Homeland Security, Kern County Probation and the FBI will be joining in later tonight,” said Smith.

They were able to hit the residences of 32 parolees. 

“We’ve already contacted every parolee to let them know they are not to partake in tonight’s activities, however it is unknown some will follow the rules, some will not be home,” said Smith.

On top of their set conditions, Halloween night, parolees were not allowed to have any decorations up, give out candy or open the door to anyone that wasn’t law enforcement. 

“We want to make sure we are doing our due diligence tonight, we know kids go to strangers’ houses to get treats, so we just want to make sure that everybody is safe on this night,” said Smith.

The operation resulted in the arrest of seven who were not in compliance. 

Parole agents are able to monitor these parolees at all times of day through a GPS unit the individual must keep on their ankle at all times. officers are able to monitor the individuals movement right on their phone. currently they have approximately 245 parolees on their GPS list.

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