SHANDON (KSBY) — (UPDATE: 5:00 a.m.) CHP says a man is dead following a tour bus crash near Shandon Wednesday night.

CHP has ruled out drugs or alcohol being a cause of the crash. They say the tour bus left Josh Turner’s concert at Vina Robles and for unknown reasons, the driver left the road and drove 20 yards through vegetation until he hit the riverbed.

First responders say the bus launched off an 80 foot cliff, and impacted the sand. As a result of the impact, numerous passengers suffered major injuries.

Two passengers were ejected, one of them died. Emergency crews say the driver was extracted and transported to cottage hospital in Fresno by air.

The tour bus was enroute to Washington State. According to a truck driver witness, the bus was traveling about 60-65 mph, the speed limit in that area is 55.

The bus following says they saw no break lights when the bus left the road. CHP says they will be impounding the vehicle to see if there are any mechanical issues.

CHP is also looking into whether medical issues were a factor. They say the driver’s age is unknown, but likely in his 50’s.

Overall, CHP says there were eight to nine passengers on board including the driver and all injuries were significant.

Crews will remain on scene throughout the day in order to pull the bus out of the embankment.


CAL Fire SLO says a tour bus from the Josh Turner concert at Vina Robles Amphitheater Wednesday night crashed off of Highway 46 near Shandon.

Fire officials say the people on the tour bus included members of Josh Turner’s band crew. First responders say Josh Turner, or any of the musicians were not involved in the crash.

Firefighters are on scene with rope systems to help get the patients up the 100 foot embankment.

One person is confirmed dead. Six patients are being taken to local hospitals, one is being flown to a trauma center in Northern California.

Both eastbound lanes of Highway 46 are closed.
(UPDATE: 2:00 a.m.) – CAL Fire SLO says one person is dead and seven others are injured after a tour bus crashed near Shandon Wednesday night.

Fire officials say two patients suffered major injuries and five patients suffered moderate injuries.

Cal Fire SLO, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies, and CHP responded to the crash. Multiple helicopters were dispatched and 5 ambulances were on scene.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies and CHP officers responded to a fatal tour bus crash late Wednesday night.

The crash happened at around 11:45 p.m. on Highway 46 near Mcmillan Canyon.

Sheriff officials say at least one person is confirmed dead, and multiple other patients suffered major injuries.

Officials say the tour bus drove off the road and went down a 50 foot embankment.

The number of people involved in the crash has not been confirmed.

CHP is investigating the cause of the crash.

This is a developing story and will be updated when new information becomes available.