(WLWT/NBC News) – Jonathan Rohman spends day after day at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with his 2-year-old daughter Hadlee as they wait for a heart.

The threat of COVID-19 has added layers of protection in their home away from home.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital confirms some employees have tested positive.

They’re now taking extra precautions to protect their young patients.

Rohman says medical workers take everyone’s temperature as they enter the hospital, and he’s noticed restrictions with the playroom and kitchenette on their floor.

“I’m not too concerned from my standpoint,” he says.  ” We’re fairly isolated and quarantined up on our floor. With the limitation of visitors, it’s really just pretty much hospital staff that’s up here and even they’ve reduced greatly in their numbers.” 

For now, he says there’s no update on a heart but when it comes, COVID-19 won’t cause delays.

“They’ve assured me that, you know, business as usual. The moment that they know they have a heart, full throttle, we’re looking to get that heart in her as quickly as possible,” Rohman says.

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