October homicide wrap

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Gun violence took the lives of six people over a 10-day period in Kern County during this month. 

In total, Kern County has racked up nine homicides in October. According to our 17 News Homicide Tracker, eight of these cases have been due to gunfire. 

Around midnight on Friday, a shooting on Niles street at the La Villa Taqueria left one man dead outside and another injured in the restaurant. According to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, there have been no arrests made in this case. 

Just last year there were two homicides on the same street.

One woman living nearby told 17 News that since the taqueria is open 24 hours a day, there are times late at night when fights break out. 

This now brings Kern County’s total homicide count to 85 for 2019.

Five of the nine homicides in October occurred in Bakersfield alone.

The Delano Police Department has seen two of this month’s homicides happen in their city.

“The summer had been relatively peaceful,” Delano Police Chief Robert said. “Once September hit things started to pick up, that’s not acceptable in a city of our size.”

In the first six months of 2019, Delano had four homicides, but in the last three months, there have been six. 

Delano PD launched an operation on Thursday in response to the recent homicides hoping to get the community’s help to solve these cases. They want the community to know that they are doing whatever it takes to make the city a safer place. 

“We want them to know  that we’re out there in force,” Navarez said.  “We are out there addressing gang members aggressively and hopefully, in doing so, we send a message that they should be cooperating with the police to help us solve these crimes and allow Delano to be the peaceful city we all know it is”

Chief Navarez hopes this operation sends a message to gang members that violence in Delano will not be tolerated. 

Only one homicide case this month has made an arrest. Leaving eight dangerous criminals on the loose. Much like Delano PD there is a lack of eye witnesses who are willing to speak up. Making it difficult for law enforcement to catch those responsible for the killings. 

KGET created the Homicide Tracker as a commitment to victims of violence in Kern County. We hope to share stories of victims through the words of their families and friends, not just through police reports. 

If you would like to share a homicide victims story, you can email us at homicidetracker@kget.com or call us at 661-283-1717.

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