North Carolina pup discovers loaded gun, named honorary K9 deputy


(WITN) At just under 2-months-old most puppies are working on the basics like sit, stay and roll over, but Ryder far beyond all of that. 

The pit bull puppy has just been named an honorary K-9 deputy with North Carolina’s Greenville Police Department.

The honorary title was bestowed upon Ryder at a ceremony Monday after the dog discovered a loaded gun outside the Rosemont Apartment complex.

“You know puppies are curious, but kids are curious too, so we’re lucky a puppy found this one and not a kid,” said Police Chief Mark Holtzman.

Ryder’s not done helping people just yet. According to her owner, Ryder will be undergoing training soon to become a certified therapy dog.

“Pit bulls can do good things,” said Ryder’s Owner, Jasmin East, “It’s all about how you train them and raise them. They’re good family dogs.”

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