No gunman found after hours-long internet cafe standoff


“In front of the internet casino at 228 White Lane, it’s a subject waving a hand gun in front of the business,” rang out across the police scanner.

At around 9:15 Thursday morning police responded to an internet cafe and casino on White Lane just off of South Union Avenue.

Sheriff’s deputies, police, and Highway Patrol officers surrounded the building searching for a man with a gun at the casino.

About 20 people in the casino were methodically led out with their hands up. They were then cuffed and interviewed.

Soon loud pops were heard, but they were not gunshots.

“Those were less lethal rounds, they’re projectiles fired by the California Highway Patrol meant to knock down the glass in front of the business,” explained KCSO Sgt. Stephen Wells.

Eventually swat officers breached the building. 

“There was some signs that somebody had made access to the attic, there was some loose tiles and some debris in one of the desks,” continued Wells.

But in the end the sergeant told 17 News, “we searched all five attached buildings and no signs of anybody inside.”

No shots fired, no injuries, no one ultimately arrested, and no gunman found. 

We asked if the nearby community should be on alert.

“We can’t confirm if something happened. Obviously a citizen was concerned enough to call us, we just cant say one way or another if it happened or not,” said Wells.

The internet cafe and casino was a mess of glass swept up debris after the hectic day.

When asked if there is a suspect with a gun on the loose, Sgt. Wells simply said, “there could be.” 

Not satisfying, but Wells said they searched everywhere they could, and for some things, you can’t take precautions. 

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