‘Night to Shine’ prom comes to local church


More than 100 volunteers spent their Thursday night setting up for the “Night to Shine” prom at Crossroads Christian Fellowship on Fairfax Road.

The event is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

“I just hope it bring them joy,” organizer Brian Conlee said. 

Crossroads will join over 500 churches around the world in bringing a prom night experience that’s centered on God’s love to people with special needs.

“It’s a community that’s often over looked and at the end of the day, you know, we believe that God’s plan is perfect and they’re part of God’s plan,” Conlee said. “They are the way that they were created for a reason and I believe they deserve to be celebrated.”

Two hundred guests ranging in age from 14 to 75 are expected to attend this event and over 90,000 worldwide.

“We’ll have a red carpet area that they will come up with paparazzi, and then they come in and they’ll get pictures and then we have stations,” Conlee said.

Stations include dancing, karaoke, a chocolate fountain, hair styling and shoes shining, but the pampering doesn’t stop with the guests.

“We also have a whole area set up for the parents outside where we have masseuses and manicurist coming, just to kind of, you know, celebrate the parents too,” Conlee said.

At the end of the night, everyone will leave as royalty.

“At the end they are all crowned kings and queens and if that’s a moment again where they experience the love of God, then this is all well worth it,” Crossroads pastor Ken Sourers said.

With the 200 guests, their parents and volunteers, more than 750 people are expected to come together.

This year’s “Night to Shine” is sold out, but organizers say they hope this will become an annual event.

The worldwide event happens every year the Friday before Valentine’s Day. 

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