Neighbors say son who allegedly killed his father showed signs of violence prior to attack


A Bakersfield man became Kern County’s 98th homicide of this year earlier this week, tying the record for the most killings in the county, after succumbing to his injuries last night. Bakersfield police say the 67 year old was allegedly shot by his son last Monday.

Residents of the quiet neighborhood where the crime occurred say there were signs something wasn’t quite right with Edward Pull Jr. in the weeks before the attack on his parents. 

Phyllis Street looks like any typical Southwest Bakersfield neighborhood, getting ready for the holidays, but one family here is living a nightmare.

On December 11, reports say during an argument with his parents, 32 year old Edward Pull Jr. shot his father, 67 year old Edward Pull Sr..

When his mother tried to call 911-he struck her in the head with the butt of a rifle. Reports say Pull disconnected all the phones, and in an attempt to conceal the evidence of his crime, he forced his mother to take a shower, pick up the shell casings, and clean the blood inside the residence. 

After his mother pleaded for over two hours for her son to allow her to get help for Edward Pull Sr.-suffering from two gunshot wounds, Pull Jr. agreed to call police but told his parents to pretend a stranger facilitated the attack, and threatened to kill them if they didn’t go along, reports say. 

Monday, Edward Pull Sr. died from his injuries.

Pull Jr.’s prior criminal history shows he’s a registered sex offender and was convicted of lewd acts with a child under 14 years old, in 2006.

Neighbors didn’t want to speak on camera, but multiple residents on Phyllis Street said this is a devastating situation, and some had long feared Edward Pull Jr. Neighbors said pull followed them, shined flash lights in their windows in the middle of the night, and left them frightening messages.

BPD confirms they took a report for a suspicious circumstance involving pull and some neighbors last month and responded to the pull residence for a report of domestic violence involving Edward Pull Jr.

One neighbor said Edward Pull’s mother showed up their home after being assaulted by her son on Halloween night, but they said she was reluctant to turn him into police.

Pull currently faces several felony charges, including attempted murder. The DA’s office says they will file murder charges against pull once the coroner completes an autopsy on his father. 

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