Mother of missing woman fights harassment claims stemming from her daughter’s disappearance


The mother of missing woman Baylee Despot was in court this morning, fighting accusations that she is harassing Baylee’s ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

For Jane Parrent, the last 8 months have revolved around her search for her daughter. Today’s legal troubles weren’t what she anticipated, but she says she’s committed to continue fighting for answers.  Meanwhile, a friend of Baylee Despot’s, who is now living with Baylee’s former boyfriend is asking the court to keep Parrent away from her.      

The last time Jane Parrent saw her 20-year-old daughter Baylee Despot, it was in the front yard of Baylee’s boyfriends home, 42-year-old Matthew Queen. Now, another young woman, Sara Wedemeyer, who’s referred to herself as a friend of Baylee’s, is in a relationship and living with Queen. She feels Jane Parrent is harassing her because of Baylee’s disappearance. 

“She shows up to every single one of my fiances court dates to disrupt and harass. She says it’s to pass out fliers, but it’s more than that,” explained 21-year-old Wedemeyer to the Kern County Court Commissioner. 

Wedemeyer also told the commissioner that people on Facebook have written threatening comments about her.

“People are trying to intimidate me to try and solve the missing persons case which is all due to Jane’s words and the things shes said on social media regarding it. Showing up to our house…her actions have gone too far and I’m afraid for mine and my son’s safety,” said Wedemeyer. 

Wedemeyer, who’s expecting a child with Queen, presented a doctor’s note recommending that for the health of her baby, Jane Parrent should stay away from her. 

“I am concerned about her daughters disappearance, nobody is trying to stop her from finding her daughter, nobody is trying to stop the case…I’ve given all the information I have to detectives and Jane continues to try to create a lynch mob of sorts,” said Sara Wedemeyer. 

When it was Jane Parrent’s turn, she was quick to admit she does attends Matthew Queen’s court hearings: “I do go to the court cases because he’s the last person to have seen my daughter, and the gun charges and stuff he’s facing involve my missing daughter.” 

She continued, “I’m just a mom looking for her daughter, I can’t say a lot about the case what’s going on, but I go everywhere looking for her and just making people aware that she’s missing. I have never threatened anybody.”

Parrent also said she does periodically go to Wedemeyer and Queen’s neighborhood, for a specific reason.

“I hang fliers all over town…the last place my daughter was at that I saw her alive, yes I do concentrate in that area, but I have in no way ever posted the address of the house”, said Parrent. 

Sara Wedemeyer challenged that point by asking Parrent: “You’re doing it to look for your daughter, but it’s been 8 months, do you think you’re gonna see her walking around while you’re putting up fliers, in front of our house?”

In response, Parrent said “Well, why would I not see her? Do you know something that I don’t know?”

Wedemeyer ended the question with saying “That’s not what I was asking.”

The commissioner is expected to make a ruling on Wedemeyer’s restraining order request soon.

In June, Matthew Queen also tried to file a restraining order against Baylee’s mother, but the case was dismissed after he failed to pay for a filing fee.

Law enforcement has never said Matthew Queen or Sara Wedemeyer are suspects in Baylee Despot’s disappearance.

Matthew Queen has two pending criminal cases against him, both involving a convicted felon having possession of a firearm.

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