Mother and boyfriend plead not guilty to murder of her 2-year-old son


19-year-old Ayled Chavez and her boyfriend 20-year-old Kaleb Kessinger pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon to charges of willfully and deliberately murdering Chavez’ son, Ramon Angel Reyes-Chavez.

Last Wednesday, Chavez told police her son Ramon was kidnaped by two strangers.

But then her story changed. 

New court documents say Chavez ultimately told police her two-year-old was with with her boyfriend, Kessinger, when Ramon was hit in the head by a car door.

Chavez said once she saw her son, she and Kessinger “attempted to seek medical care” for Ramon.

But Chavez told police her child died from his injuries, according to the documents. 

Police say Chavez and Kessinger then drove Ramon’s body to the Kern River Canyon and left the dead boy there.

The court documents then say “sometime later” Chavez and Kessinger returned to the remote area of the Kern River Canyon so Kessinger could bury the child.

That’s where police discovered Ramon’s body last Thursday.

Court documents say Ramon had “traumatic injuries throughout his body.”

Kessinger and Chavez were arrested for murder in the hours that followed.

17 News spoke with Ramon’s uncle Isaias Reyes after court who, along with family, was still in shock.

“It might have happened as an accident but why would they lie about it you know? How come you guys wouldn’t just be straight up and just be like ‘No, this happened.’ Why would you guys lie about it in the first place, you know? And why would you guys go dump him way out there and not just report it you know? You all just should have just reported it right away,” asked Reyes, the brother of Ramon’s father.

Kessinger also appeared in court Monday afternoon. 

Kessinger was wheeled into the courtroom in a wheelchair in a yellow jumpsuit, with a cast on his right arm, and a visible black eye.

He and Chavez barely looked at each other.

Each are being held on $1 million bail and are due back in court May 10th.

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