Modern Day Love Story: Couple met on Facebook, now planning summer wedding


Brendan Ludwig and Melissa Myers met on Facebook. The couple is now planning a wedding. 

“I liked what he was posting and I thought he was kind of cute,” Meyers said. “I thought, well I have nothing to lose so I asked him to be my friend and he friended me.”

One friend request and a few likes later, Ludwig got the hint and sent Myers a message on her birthday.

Two months later, they went on their first date.

“We went to go bowling and I had the idea that I was going to, you know, win and that wasn’t the case,” Ludwig said. “I totally got slaughtered.”

Deeply rooted in faith, Ludwig said his most fervent prayer was answered the day he met Myers.

“I tell her all the time, you’re my walking prayer because you are exactly what I prayed for,” Ludwig said.

Almost two years later, Ludwig proposed, after receiving all the right signs.

“I looked at my phone and it said 1111 and that’s angelic numbers in the bible,” Ludwig said. “And then three minutes from when I went from the store into my truck, Dierks Bentley “Woman Amen” was playing on my radio, so I was like you know what Lord, that’s all I need.”

With roses in hand, he went to her work.

“We were walking to the car like normal and I saw him reach into his pocket,” Myers said. “And I think I said, ‘Right here in the parking lot?’ and he’s like yep and he just got down on one knee and asked me right there.”

A few days earlier, Ludwig got down on one knee for another special girl a few days earlier, Myers’s 8-year-old daughter Ryleigh.

“I love you and your mommy and I want to spend the rest of my life with you guys and I want to know if you will be my step-daughter forever,” Ludwig said. “Will you?”

Ryleigh said yes.

“I was like excited that he was giving me a ring because I want him to be my step-dad,” Ryleigh said.

The ring Ludwig gave to Ryleigh is adorned with a garnet gemstone, the birthstone of Myers’s youngest daughter Kyndall.

Myers was nine months pregnant when Kyndall died a few days before she was born. 

“It was sweet,” Myers said.

“I thought I would include them both, you know, into that when I asked her,” Ludwig said.    

With two daughters of his own, Ludwig and Myers are making two families one.

Myers’s dad is a pastor in Tehachapi. The couple is planning a June 23rd wedding at her dad’s church.

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