Meet local country band Truxton Mile


Bakersfield and country music just seem to go hand in hand. 

Truxton Mile is new country band from “Nashville West” that you need to know.

“Main Street in Nashville is the country mile.  They always say if you want to make it in country music you have to walk the country mile,”

But first, the local boys are walking the Streets of Bakersfield, which is where they got their name “Truxton Mile”  – purposly spelled with an O and not a U, for any of you who say it’s not spelled correctly. 

Two Taft Wildcats and one Stockdale Mustang make up the band, which started 10 years ago as a high school project on how to record a song. 

With Ryan Coulter on lead volcals and Taylor Unruh and Alec Olivieri on guitar, it’s not hard to figure out where the band found its inspiration.

“Buck Owens, a little known fact, was an awesome guitar player.  Merle Haggard was an awesome guitar player.  So looking up to country guitar players growing up in Bakersfield, it was like just in the backyard,” said Taylor Unruh, Truxton Mile. 

Flash forward to today and they’ve signed a management deal with Strega Enterainment, filming their first music video this week. 

Look for the music video on the band’s social media pages soon. 

The next step is to sign with a record label, but not necesarily to become the next biggest thing.

“The dream is to keep the power on, keep the car in the driveway that’s really it,” Coulter said. 

It’s a simple dream. 

“We just want to be able to make a decent living supporting our families by playing music,” Unruh said. 

We certainly wish them the best. 

If you’d like to support the band, follow Truxton Mile on social media. 

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. 

Remember, Truxton Mile with an O – not a U.  

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