Medical marijuana dispensary ordered to shut down by Feb. 15 appears to have closed over the weekend


Less than a week after the Board of Supervisors ordered a local medical marijuana dispensary to close by this Friday, February 15, it appears the shop has already shut its doors.

A vacant parking lot is all that sits in front of West Coast Healing medical marijuana dispensary on Taft highway. One week ago, the shop was seen bustling with customers. Today, it was  different story; nobody was there as we knocked on the front door.

An employee with the shop next to the dispensary said he saw items being moved out of the facility last Saturday. 

“When I came to work on Saturday, they already had a truck over there emptying all the stuff,” said Alan Condor, service manager with Galvan Tire. “[They] moved it all out. They didn’t even bother waiting until the 15th,” he continued.

Last Tuesday, supervisors unanimously passed a motion ordering the shop to close by this Friday. The vote came after the dispensary’s attorney requested an extension for the shop to remain open an additional year past May 24th of this year.
May 24th was the original extension date granted to 20 dispensaries in unincorporated areas of the county. Attorney Gabriel A. Godinez asked for the extension because he said the shop needed to recoup more than $250,000 in expenses. But supervisor Zack Scrivner disputed the $200,000 figure, noting the shop’s pre-November 2017 ban expenses were closer to $5,000.
He argued the shop should have been able to recoup the funds by now.

“There has been ample time for the applicant to recoup that investment during the one year period since we put the ban in place,” Scrivner said at last Tuesday’s board meeting.

Godinez said the board’s decision was not fair.

“It was a slap in the face,” he said.

News of the impending closure came as disappointment to Condor because he was a customer there.

“I have a medical card,” he said. “I broke my back when I was 21 years old. It helps with anxiety. It helps with stress. So yeah I used them. They treated people right in there.”

*KGET has not been able to independently verify whether the shop is closed for good.  Meantime, members of the Board of Supervisors Tuesday are set to review extension requests from seven medical marijuana shops located on the east side of the county.

On Tuesday morning, the board will also review a proposal to bring five day music festival “Lightning in a bottle” to Lake Buena Vista.

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