Bakersfield Congressman and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was front and center with President Trump Sunday night as the president declared he was not a racist.

McCarthy appeared at Trump’s side after days of silence on the president’s reported vulgar comments on immigration made last week. 

17 News repeatedly reached out for comment from McCarthy’s office on those reported remarks from the president about Haiti an African countries during immigration talks.

McCarthy’s office released a statement Monday afternoon saying the Congressman will not comment on private meetings with the president.

The statement added McCarthy is “focused on achieving an immigration solution that secures our border, reforms immigration priorities and responsibly addresses the DACA community.” 

The statement offered no denial of President Trump’s words. 

McCarthy’s statement differs from some Republican senators at the immigration meeting, who — contradicting fellow colleagues — insist Trump never made the vulgar remarks.

David Valadao told 17 News: “The president’s remarks have no place in policy debate and I am very disappointed he chose to use the words he did. Reforming our nation’s immigration system is a very serious undertaking, one that deserves respect and empathy from those involved.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post published an article Monday detailing the close bond McCarthy has formed with Trump

The article describes McCarthy as “Trump’s friend and fixer over the past year — a courtship of backslapping and flattery that has led to eye-rolling among Democrats and skeptical Republicans.”