Man arrested for wife’s murder released from jail


A man accused of his wife’s murder last weekend, has been released from jail as the case was sent back to police for further investigation.

Ridegcrest police responded to the couple’s home in the 500 block of North Scott Street on Sept. 22. They said the call was for a woman down in a bedroom, and she was dead when they arrived.

William Paul Fordham was arrested Sunday morning.

Police say, with help from the Kern County Crime Lab and coroner’s office, they uncovered significant evidence linking Fordham to his wife, Margarita Fordham’s murder.

A search warrant cites officers saying Fordham was asleep when they arrived and when they woke him up, he appeared to be drunk and told them, “Wow. She’s dead.” Officers said Fordham said that with no remorse.

The warrant states William Fordham’s parents were there several hours earlier and when they came back, they heard their granddaughter crying in a locked room, then forced their way inside where they found Margarita Fordham dead on the ground, face down in a ransacked room.

Investigators say thee were drops of blood leading from the front door to the living room, to the kitchen, to the daughter’s room and finally to the master bedroom where William Fordham was sleeping.

They say Margarita Fordham’s body had livor mortis, which is pooled blood in parts of the body because the heart can no longer circulate it.

They add there was noticeable damage to a wall in the master bedroom, consistent with someone being pushed into it or the wall being hit with an object.

Ridgecrest police released an updated statement Wednesday night about the case, saying the District Attorney’s office rejected their formal complaint for a first-degree

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