Loud for Tomorrow


They’re “Loud for Tomorrow.”

A young group in Delano is determined to encourage others to exercise their right to vote.   

“you’re your own voice. your vote matters.  If you are able to express your own voice maybe you’re helping those who cannot express their own voice or have trouble expressing their own voice and just know that you can be that heroic figure that someone has been yearning for,” ,” said Zhakeila Cibico, a senior at Cesar E. Chavez High School. 

The organization was formed in August.

From helping people pre-register and register to vote at Delano high school football games,  to addressing issues in their community, the small group has already had a big impact. 

“At first I had a doubt because I’m so young, but then I got involved with the group and they taught me that my voice could be heard and that was a big change for me and I just started being more civically engaged,” said Cessya Sandoval, a junior at Cesar E. Chavez High School. 

In just 3 months, Loud for Tomorrow has helped 150 people register to vote and took the issues of Lytle Avenue to city officials.

“The roads were very horrible and we called and we tweeted and we left voicemails for them to set a budget so they can change the roads, because they were all dirt and it was hard to see in the night time so we asked for lights, paved roads and etc.  and they did,” Sandoval said.

Raising their voices for their community, themselves and their parents.

“If I could make a difference then I feel like it would make a difference for my parents as well,” said Cithlalic Martinez-Diaz, a senior at Robert F. Kennedy High School. 

The organization does not endorse candidates or propositions. 

It’s only mission – to get people to the polls. 

“I highly recommend that you look into it because this is important.  These are the people controlling the money, the people controlling the taxes and you know your day to day life so it’s really important that you vote, you get informed,” said Hector Jimeneiz, a freshman at Bakersfield College.

Loud for Tomorrow has charters at Cesar E. Chavez, John F. Kennedy and Delano high schools. 

After election day the organization will look further into water issues in Delano and hopes to make an impact there. 

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