Local teacher accused of hitting student


Shannon Robinson, 46, is accused of hitting a student at Standard Middle School in Oildale. Deputies arrested Robinson Friday. She is now on leave with Standard School District as the investigation continues. 
Robinson responded publicly to the allegations via Facebook posts saying she had no idea and the kids are fine.

This isn’t the first time Robinson faced abuse allegations. In 2009, a student at Curran Middle School accused Robinson of pushing him. She denied the allegation. No charges were filed in the 2009 case. Back then, Robinson said she returned to work with the Bakersfield City School District after a month of administrative leave. 

Standard School District released a statement on the arrest saying in part student safety is of the utmost importance and altercations between staff and students will not be tolerated. 

Robinson was arrested on suspicion of two counts of battery and 28 counts of child abuse. She is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. 

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