BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Wednesday is the last day you can sign up to have the name of a beloved World War II Veteran engraved on the World War II memorial at Jastro Park.

The memorial will be a lasting tribute to all military veterans who served our country in World War II, both here at home and abroad, not just those who were in combat overseas.

The memorial will not be completed by Veterans Day, the original target date, due to delays in the shipment of those black granite pillars from Asia.

But the fundraising drive continues and organizers are excited to know their goal is within reach.

“We’re the only memorial that we know of that is honoring all of the efforts done here in Kern County. It is huge what our veterans did abroad but we’re also honoring those here locally. and that’s something that is a first to us. it’s really big that everyone know that they were big in the war. It did take all of us. It’s a big deal to everyone,” Wendy Ward, Committee Vice President, said.

Ward said so far, they have received sponsorships to engrave the names of more than 450 local WWII veterans on the memorial.

The memorial’s centerpiece bronze sculpture, created by Bakersfield native Benjamin Victor, has gone to the foundry for casting.

If you would like to donate to the memorial fund, or if you would like to sponsor a World War II military veteran, you can go to their website.