BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Annie Schreiber, 22, pleaded not guilty in a Bakersfield court Tuesday afternoon to the plethora of charges she faces for allegedly running and operating an unlicensed private animal boarding and training business, according to Bakersfield Police.

Schreiber’s Defense Attorney Jared Thompson said she should be freed on bail during the case as she has no criminal record.

Prosecutor Andrea Kohler argued that Schreiber’s bail should instead be raised to $140,000 because several clients entrusted her with their pets. Many others were made to believe that their pets would be re-homed.

Judge Chad Louis sided with Prosecutor Kohler and set bail at $140,000.

“About two months ago,” Lisa Lopez, a neighbor at the East Bakersfield home, said. “That’s when it got concerning because the smell was overwhelming…”

A phone call from a concerned neighbor about an intense odor at an East Bakersfield home led to the discovery of 29 dogs suffering from neglect, three cats and 11 dead dogs across 3 residences linked to Schreiber.

Local pet experts and certified boarding businesses are shocked and sickened upon hearing about the conditions these pets were found in.

Fur and Feather owner, Sarah Stevens says owners need to do their homework to ensure their pets are taken care of.

“Check to see if the businesses that are being reviewed are responsive to the customers,” Stevens said. “There are a lot of good search engines to look who is in your area, who has good ratings.”

If you must find another home for your furry friend and someone offers to help you with the task, H.A.L.T Dog Rescue Founder Patricia Irwin says there are some things to keep in mind.

“Somebody not wanting you to see their facilities,” Irwin said. “Not wanting to see how they interact with your dog; those would be two of the most important things for me.”

Schreiber’s defense attorney will now seek a bail hearing to get her bail reduced.

Schreiber is due back in court on October 7.