BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said a camera spotted a gray wolf earlier this year in southwestern Kern County.

State officials say they received trail camera video recorded on May 15, 2021 appearing to show the collared wolf drinking from a water trough on private property.

It is possible the wolf seen on the video is OR-93 based on its last known whereabouts. OR-93 was last seen in San Luis Obispo on April 5, officials said. CDFW says it will investigate the area in the hopes of finding DNA for analysis.

FILE – In this Feb. 2021, file photo released by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, shows a gray wolf (OR-93), seen near Yosemite, Calif., shared by the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. A top federal wildlife official on Friday, Aug. 20, 2021, said there is growing concern over aggressive hunting rules adopted by states in the Great Lakes and northern Rocky Mountains. (California Department of Fish and Wildlife via AP, File)

Wildlife officials say gray wolves pose very little safety risk to humans and encourage residents to know the difference between wolves and coyotes. Gray wolves are generally much bigger than coyotes, officials say, but are often misidentified. OR-93 has a purple collar and should make it easier to identify.

According to officials, OR-93 was known to have been in Fresno County in late March.

Gray wolves are listed as endangered making it illegal to harm, shoot, hunt, trap, kill or capture them.

If you believe you’ve seen a gray wolf, you can report it to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife using this link.