UPDATE: 5 dogs from Animal Care Center still missing after break-in

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UPDATE (7/22): Five dogs are still missing as of Thursday afternoon, according to the Animal Care Center.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — At about 1 a.m. on Wednesday someone broke onto Bakersfield Animal Control. They jumped the fence, got to the kennels, and let the dogs out. It was a jailbreak.

Over 20 pups were lets loose on the grounds but a witness reported it to Bakersfield Police Department.

“Animal Control Center 201 off South Mt. Vernon RP (reporting party) believes 905’s (animals) are being let loose from inside,” a first responder on radio said. “2015 we’re going to have to alert animal control there are possibly 10 to 12 dogs that are loose.”

Dogs are still on the loose and animal control asks for you to keep your eyes peeled.

“These dogs were at least in the shelter, had food and water they had sheets and blankets to sleep on and now they are just running loose, Executive Director Julie Johnson of the Bakersfield Animal Control said. “And God knows what fate they could suffer. Mount Vernon is a busy street.”

A shop owner just a block away said she often finds dogs wandering the street.

“I’ve seen a few [dogs],” Owner Judy Garza of United Printing said. “It’s not like every day but maybe once or twice every week we’ll see a dog out there walking around. I get a little bowl and give them water and if I have something for them to eat I will because many of them are hungry but I just really want to get them off the street and then I’ll go take them to the shelter myself if I have to.”

Just about an hour and a half after the break out, a German Shepherd was reported being hit by a train a few blocks away. It’s unclear whether or not this dog was a part of the group that escaped.
Johnson gave a message for the perpetrator and anyone who might be thinking of doing the same.

“These are people’s pets that someone let out,” Johnson said. You know these were dogs that were just brought in as stray and we think it’s really heartless that you’re hurting families.”

If you’ve seen the pups you’re requested to call Bakersfield Animal Control at (661) 326-3436.

Bakersfield Police Department confirmed for 17 News an investigation of the break-in is underway.

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