BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Wednesday was National French Fry Day! Today guests can get a free order of large fries at McDonald’s, no purchase necessary. There is one caveat, though: customers have to claim the offer through the McDonald’s app. Wendy’s, on the other hand, is observing “Fry Week” with new deals each day, offering free orders of fries with select mobile purchases. But similar to the McDonald’s offer, customers must also use the app to order. Burger King customers can get free fries each week for the rest of the year with purchases made through the BK app.

We have a list of National French Fry deals on our website at

We wanted to know: What’s the best place to get French fries in Bakersfield?

17 News viewers told us their three favorites were McDonald’s, Root Beer King and Woolgrowers.

Believe it or not, Flame and Skewers on Coffee and Hageman.

Karen Blakely Hartson, Facebook user

New Vintage Grill has solid fries.

Eric Osborne, Facebook user

McDonalds see its not so hard to answer a simple question

Gerardo Garza, Facebook user

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