BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The fair is here and there’s a packed schedule full of fun and excitement for everyone to enjoy.

The fair is back in Kern County. If you’re an animal lover check out the goats, cows, and other animals showcased throughout the week. There are other events like the new daily lumberjack shows for the family.
They throw axes and have balancing competitions to see who can last the longest on a giant log sloshing in a pool of water.

Fair food is known for being special, filling and well pretty greasy. New and returning food vendors have lots of tasty treats for you and your friends to dig in on.

“We’re here selling Hawaiian teriyaki,” Nathan Wells the owner of Hawaiian Teriyaki said. “We just love being at the fair it’s our happy place you know just seeing the kids being happy, having fun. It’s what keeps us going everyday.”

Juicy sandwiches, turkey legs and deep fried delicacies are all on this year’s menu. Including new adult beverages too like wine slushies. But there’s more than just greasy foods. The Pie Guy is back for his sixth year at the fair. He wasn’t here last year but now he and his wife are back to bring delicious homemade pies and cookies to fair goers.

Get to know the Kern County Fair pie guy!

“When we started doing this we didn’t want to do something that was deep fried or on a stick so we racked our brains on the best thing to do and this is what we came up with,” Michael Compton also known as the ‘Pie Guy’ said. “This is kind of like that old school, old school fair kind of fair. This has gotta probably be our favorite fair that we do. The families that are here, the response we get from everyone it’s amazing.”