BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A barrage of rain from atmospheric rivers have brought heavy rain and an excess of water in areas with no place for it to go. Some areas of Kern County are experiencing conditions that are rarely, if ever, seen.

The recent rain prompted a massive water flow in the Kern River that had not been seen in over 50 years. That rain then caused flooding in McFarland, Wasco, and the Kern River Valley.

On Thursday, rainy conditions had dissipated, but more rain is in the forecast for Sunday, March 19.

Evacuation warnings and orders around Kern County

Kern County officials have issued evacuation warnings and orders for areas around Kern County due to the storm bringing high water flow and potential landslides in Wofford Heights.

Wofford Heights

A portion of the evacuation order was lifted in Wofford Heights, officials said Thursday evening. The evacuation was initially put in place because of “observed soil instability” in the Crane Peak Court area and officials said earlier this week a landslide was “highly likely.”

Officials reported some there had been some soil movement in the area. Kern County Fire officials are concerned about the hillsides in Wofford Heights since they are within the French Fire burn scar.

For more on the evacuation order, click here for more information.

Kern River Valley

Evacuation orders have been lifted in Kernville except for sites at Camp Kernville because of flood damage.

In Tillie Creek the order is in effect for Evans Road south to Old State Road between Wofford Boulevard west to Arnold Springs Drive.

In Riverkern and Kernville, the evacuation order is in effect for areas south of Riverkern, between Sierra Way and Burlando Road, and north of the Kernville Airport.


Evacuation orders and warnings were lifted Thursday afternoon for east McFarland at around 3 p.m. Click here fore more information.


An evacuation order is in effect for residents near the area of Highway 43 and Pond Road.

The order is in effect for all residents from the northwest corner of Highway 43 and Schuster Road east to Wasco-Pond Road, south to the southwest corner of B Street and Pond Road.

Evacuation centers around Kern County

Evacuation centers have been placed in areas impacted by the storm and flooding.

For the evacuation due to the “highly likely” landslides in Wofford Heights and the evacuation in the Kern River Valley areas, an evacuation center opened at Kern Valley High School located at 3340 Erskine Creek Road in Lake Isabella, according to officials. Animal Services will be onsite to assist with sheltering companion animals.

The evacuation center for the McFarland, Wasco and Delano areas is located at the 11th Avenue Community Center in Delano, according to officials. The shelter will provide, water food, EMTs onsite and spiritual care if needed.

Kern County State of Emergency proclamation

Due to the potential of flooding and landslides around the county the Kern County Board of Supervisors approved of a state of emergency proclamation in Kern County.

The Board unanimously approved of emergency proclamation #47A Tuesday. Officials are urging residents to stay out of areas that have been evacuated until orders are lifted.

Kern County Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Services, Aaron Duncan, said the department is pulling resources in from Las Vegas.

Duncan added, the Red Cross is in need of volunteers. For full details and to sign up, visit KCFD website

For information about the proclamation, click here.

Scams amidst the storms and flooding

Kern County officials are also warning residents about a scam in regard to the flooding.

Officials with the county told residents to beware of scams asking for donations for flood victims at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Officials are advising to not give the alleged scammers any information. For more information, click here.