BAKERSFIELD, Calif.  (KGET)  – Have you played the game? Not the Powerball. I’m talking about the game: “What I could do with a billion dollars.”

With Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing at $1.2 billion literally millions of people are playing the daydream game. The answer to that exhilarating fantasy question?

You can do a lot of life-changing things with a billion dollars. Well, make that $567 million – that’s the cash-now option most lottery winners seem to opt for. Minus another $210 million or so for taxes. OK, so $357 million. A tidy sum nonetheless.

I could totally buy all of the Dewar’s chews in the gas station where I bought my Powerball tickets. And my wallet wouldn’t even feel it. Clearly, I need to think bigger, with $357 million after taxes. 

How about a nice Mercedes-Benz automobile? This one is $146,000. I’ll take 2400 of them, please. Oh, and throw in that SUV for $250,000.

But where are you gonna park them all? Well, you can park at least four SUVs at 4000 Pinehurst Drive in northeast Bakersfield. Realtor Mary Christiansen has it on the market for a tad under $3 million. 6500 square feet, 5 bathrooms, but only four bedrooms! What’s up with that? Well, with my $357 million I’ll take – let’s see – 200 just like it.

I will have to save space in the garage for a boat of course. I could totally afford a yacht, but ocean-going vessels don’t sell well here 120 miles from Ventura harbor. Galey’s Marine Supply is to the rescue with this offering – a $315,000 pleasure craft. Put on your life jackets, we’re going for a ride.

Since I’m in the neighborhood I might as well buy a Bakersfield Country Club membership. Oh what the heck, I’ll take the whole Country Club. It’s not on the market but a third of a billion should get the attention of the board of directors.

Now that I have all this great stuff, I should be satisfied, right? You and I both know the answer to that question. You can’t solve world hunger with $357 million, but you can do a lot of good things. I think I’ll take that path. And, maybe just one Mercedes.