BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Jourdan Farnsworth was a talented drummer and beloved daughter. She led a Bible study at Riverlakes Church. Around 8 a.m. on December 1, 2016, that’s where 23-year-old Jourdan was heading.

“There was a driver that was travelling southbound on Calloway as Jourdan was turning westbound into our church,” said Todd Farnsworth, Jourdan’s father. “He was speeding, ran a red light, hit broadside of Jourdan’s car. And he was three times over the legal limit.”

“Oh I can’t talk about that,” said Jourdan’s mother, Gina. “It’s still hard for me to talk about that stuff.”

Jourdan Farnsworth suffered a traumatic brain injury from her crash, which put her in a comatose state and left doctors believing she’d never get better. (Justin White/ 17 News)

Jourdan suffered a traumatic brain injury from the 2016 crash.

“They had to remove her skull,” Todd says. “To let her brain swell and not cause anymore issues.”

Now 30-years-old, unable to walk, talk, or perform most basic functions on her own, doctors said she may never recover.

But her family says she has made improvements they once were told wouldn’t be possible.

“She’s moved from that place to she’s listening to us right now as we’re talking,” Todd says. “She can raise her arms, she can smile, she can give you a yes and a no.”

Jourdan’s family is just one of many that Mothers Against Drunk Driving has helped. One of the ways they help is with their Walk Like MADD 5K, which raises funds to help families affected by impaired driving. This year will be Kern County’s tenth event.

“We collaborate with sponsors and community for people to come out and join the walk and support the victims here in Kern County,” program coordinator Amber Morales said.

“That helps with victims advocacy and program coordination here in Kern County.”

For Jourdan and her family, the journey to healing is made a bit easier by events like this.

“It’s obviously changed our lives, what we thought they were going to be,” Todd Farnsworth says. “But we’ve adapted. You don’t think you’re ever going to need that type of stuff but when you live in a community that cares for you like that, it’s pretty cool.”

The Walk Like MADD event is Saturday, Sept. 23 at The Park at River Walk. Registration starts at 6 a.m. with festivities beginning at eight. The entry fee to run or walk is $25 online and it costs $100 for vendors to set up. Those who wish to participate can sign up online at or at the event.