BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Local leaders and community volunteers got their hands dirty to make a big difference with a community clean-up event. The event was held in Oildale this morning, and those who participated picked up trash and painted over graffiti starting at the corner of Ferguson and North Chester, working their way around the area.

One of those volunteers was Sammy Wells, a high school student on winter break who gathered his friends to help clean up.

“I believe we have to put our communities first, and this is how we do that,” said Wells.

Another volunteer was Assemblyman Vince Fong, who partnered to host the event in an effort to make an impact in a community in need.

“This is a team effort, we need to come together to support Oildale, and this is a little bit we can do, and I think it goes a long way,” said Fong.

However, he was one of many with that goal in mind, including Supervisor Jeff Flores, who spent his day picking up trash at the event.

“We care about Oildale, and we want Oildale to care about themselves, this illegal dumping is tragic, and we want to make a difference,” said Flores.

This was Flores’ first event as supervisor, and he shared that he couldn’t be happier cleaning up this community.

“I want to lead not just by title but by action and roll up my sleeves literally and be out here in the field to do my part and also bring greater county resources here to this area,” said Flores.

David Kadel of the Oildale Community Action Team, one of the event organizers, shares that he hopes this clean-up will make a change in Oildale.

“The ultimate goal really is to empower the community, to really raise the hope level and start to really get people thinking about that this is a community that needs to be respected,” said Kadel.