BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The semi-annual Village Flea was back and busier than ever this year. Forty-five vendors set up outside the Kern County Museum to sell their knickknacks, food, and vintage clothing. The vendors weren’t the only ones excited to see big crowds.

“This means everything to us, we have lost a lot of revenue this year, we haven’t been able to do as many events as we normally do,” Brenna Charatsaris, Event director for Kern County Museum. “These are big days for us, and our attendance is way up and we just appreciate the community rallying behind us.”

The Village Flea was the only fundraiser the museum was able to continue during the pandemic. Many locals come to appreciate a blast from the past, while also supporting local businesses.

“I walked through the general store part and it’s like a snapshot in time to really understand what life was like back then,” said Shirley Nicholas, Bakersfield resident. “Without that what do people get to see about maintaining the history of Kern County.”

Some were just happy to have human interaction after a long year of restrictions.

“You can see it on every face here, happy, ready to get out, everyone wants to talk, everyone wants to enjoy themselves,” said Angel Newman, Bakersfield resident.

The museum is hoping to hold the next Village Flea on October 9th.