Video shows brutal hit-and-run involving a pedestrian, passenger comes back to get belongings

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Disturbing viral video shows a runaway car slamming into a pedestrian in a brutal hit-and-run in East Bakersfield on Oct. 7. The victim is 42-year-old Elizabeth Sanchez Gomez, a popular guest at local hair salons where she sells fruits and tamales. But after this accident – she’ll be on crutches for five months.

It happened in front of La Villa Meat Market on East California Avenue. The moment she gets to the edge of the sidewalk a blue BMW slams into her. The collision knocks her off her feet and flips her into the air. The driver and two passengers get out of the car and look at gomez on the sidewalk. Then – they go back to the car, grab their belongings, and walk away. Today – more than a month later – Gomez feels …. Lucky to be alive

“My life is a miracle,” said Elizabeth Sanchez Gomez. “And I am happy for my life for god is good for me.”

She says she was conscious after the collision and lay in pain on the sidewalk. People passing by came to help her. Some carried a large piece of cardboard to shade gomez from the sun. One person called Gomez’s daughter – Madelen Ortega.

“I got the call from the girls that we’re helping my mom, and I honestly thought that my mom was dead because they told me that she had an accident,” said Madelen Ortega.

The woman from the BMW returned to the car. When she couldn’t open the smashed drivers side door, she walked right past gomez to the passenger’s door and climbs in to grab her belongings. One eye witness says there was a man off-camera on the side of the building, threatening people with a gun.

The woman ran off and Gomez’s daughter arrived shortly after. That’s when an employee at La Villa Market came outside and told her their surveillance cameras captured the whole incident.

“When I saw it I wasnt mad at what had happened,” Ortega said. “I was just mad they left my mom there. They didn’t help her. Because it was really sad. I thought at the hospital my mom was going to pass away.

Gomez survived the collision with bruises all over her lower body and a broken leg. She will have to use crutches the next five months. She’ll continue her family business selling fruit and tamales.

“My mom would be the one that would sell,” Ortega said. “We would help with everything she would be the one that would sell and now she cant do it.”

Bakersfield police say they’re investigating but… a month after the accident, still haven’t identified the people in the BMW. A spokesman also declined to say who owns the BMW.

The family has set up a GoFundMe and a Venmo account to help Gomez in her recovery. You can donate to the GoFundMe at this link. You can donate through Venmo to the account: @elsieortegas.

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