BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bathrooms at Virginia Park in southeast Bakersfield have been damaged by theft and vandalism forcing their closure, county officials said Monday.

“Due to this extensive vandalism, the Virginia Park restrooms have been rendered inoperable, deemed a public health and safety threat, and have been closed to the public for an indefinite period,” the county said in a statement.

Within the last few months, the bathrooms at the park have been vandalized 14 times, according to officials, costing thousands in repairs. The county spent approximately $29,000 to repair the bathrooms from a previous extended closure due to vandalism.

Officials said the damage extended to essentially every part of the bathroom including the doors, plumbing and electrical equipment inside. Maintenance and cleaning supplies for the bathrooms were also stolen, the statement said.

Kern County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop expressed frustration over the latest vandalism to the bathrooms.

“Providing a quality park for the residents surrounding this area is important,” Alsop said. “It’s unfortunate that the criminal activity of a few ruins this resource for the many.”

It’s likely the bathrooms at the park will remain closed until they are completely rebuilt, Also said in the statement.

Anyone with information on the vandalism incidents at Virginia Park is asked to call the Kern County Park Rangers at 661-868-7016.