BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Regulators approved a merger between Valley Strong Credit Union and Stockton-based Financial Center Credit Union, according to a news release posted on Valley Strong’s website.

The vote came in on Sept. 23 during a special meeting held at Financial Center’s Stockton headquarters. The vote paves the way for the merger to take place on Friday, Oct. 1. With nearly 11% of participating members casting ballots, 86% voted “yes.” Under the merger, Financial Center will begin operating under the Valley Strong name. Valley Strong says the merger will bring its combined value to about $3.2 billion and serve more than 200,000 customers across 27 branches throughout the San Joaquin Valley. When the merger was announced, the phrase “Growing Together” was adapted as the mantra to represent the partnership.

Both credit unions will keep members updated as the merger process continues via their websites and