BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET)- As protests continue across the country,  a group of community members in Bakersfield held a unity rally with the purpose of bringing people together to talk about racial equality. 

The speakers included city officials, clergy, community leaders, and Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Terry.

Dozens gathered at St. Peter Ministries in East Bakersfield to start the conversation about change in our community. 

People from across our county took the podium to express their thoughts and experiences with racial inequality and demand change.

“It’s not for you to feel good or comfortable, it’s for you to take action,” said Patrick Jackson, Bakersfield NAACP president.

The goal of the event was to get the community to listen, reflect, engage, and answer the call to action. 

“I think the message tonight is if you see something, say something,” said Michael Bowers, organizer. “If you take shortcuts in life, you get cut short. We typically get cut  short because we don’t have these tough conversations.”

The event had a big turnout which organizers say sent a positive message. Now they say the next step is holding law enforcement and city officials accountable to their agreement for change.