BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Tax day is here. It may come a happy day for those expecting to get money back from the government but for others it’s a day they’ve put off as long as they can.

People lined up to get help completing their taxes. Some waiting hours to get their taxes done with the help. It’s all a free service offered by United Way of Kern County.

“Today is huge,” Gabriel Adame the marketing manager for United Way said. “It is one of the biggest days that we have for our financial stability department… This service is for low to moderate income families here that might not be able to afford a personal tax service that costs 150 to 200 dollars.”  

Filling your taxes on time is important.

If you’re expecting to pay money you need to do it or you could face fees from the IRS.

If you miss Tax Day you’re going to have to file for an extension, but United Way’s free team won’t be able to help with that. If you want to file an extension you’ll need file for 4868. This will give you an additional six months for your taxes. However, the deadline for this form is the same day as your regular taxes. Meaning, it’s due today.

“We really encourage our clients to come in prepared and ready to go,” Annelisa Perez a financial stability manger for United Way said. “So making sure you have all of your W2s, or your retirement forms, or whatever type of income you receive. Make sure there’s a tax form to match what you receive over the year and making sure you have the IDs and socials ready to go.”

United Way says they’ve seen a line of dozens of people all day. In years past, they stayed as late as 11 p.m. to help people complete their taxes. This year, they said it’s been even busier and they don’t expect it lighten up.

“The need to know is come try to get your taxes done,” Adame said. “We want to get as many people in so that we can help them… We do it for free so that we can give back to our community.”