BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Joey Ramos and her daughter Jenacie Cleveland are a mother-daughter duo you don’t hear about every day. They are training to become electricians and are both enrolled at UEI College in Bakersfield.

To break open the door for more women to enter this male-dominated field.

“It is a man’s world you know sometimes but women can definitely put their foot in there too,” said Ramos.

As California plans to move towards a more environmentally friendly electric future, the state needs more trained electrical workers, including women.

Which makes women like Ramos and Cleveland more important than ever.

“Women can do certain things better because our hands are smaller so we can get in nooks and crannies where men can’t,” said Ramos.

The pair began after 18-year-old Cleveland convinced her mother to join her in the training program after Ramos’ years of hands-on experience working as a mechanic. Now that the pair are working side by side, Cleveland says something bigger is coming from this.

“Anybody would be happy to have their parent by their side and it’s kind of like a business it feels like, we’re doing it together, and eventually it’s going to lead to something bigger,” said Cleveland.

All because of their love for what they can do with copper wire and a magnet.

“It’s incredible because it shows us that we’re capable of a lot in this world and we only need a couple things,” said Cleveland.

And as for who learns quicker of the duo, Cleveland said, “I think she definitely picks some stuff up faster and then is able to like help me understand it, but then there’s definitely times where some of the things she has not seen before or has not had experience with and we’ll be doing together and sometimes I’ll get along with it faster than she does and I can help her.”

But ultimately, they’re just glad they have each other.

For more information about the training program at UEI college click here