CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KGET) – It’s been exactly 30 days since 3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West were reported missing in California City. Chief of Police Jon Walker spoke with 17 News about the adoptive parents, where the boys were last seen, and dispelled some rumors. He says his department’s 13 officers are following every tip they receive.

“We’ve questioned multiple people we’ve searched multiple places,” said Jon Walker, Chief of Police in California City. “We’re following up on almost every clue or tip that we get. So at this point we have nothing that actually shows us or proves what happened to the boys or where they’re at.”

The last people who reportedly saw the two boys were their adoptive parents – Trezell and Jacqueline West. But Chief Walker says it’s not likely the boys just walked out of the house and went missing on their own.

“Someone out there knows something, they know where these boys are what’s happened to these boys, yes there has to be someone.”

He says the police are still in contact with the adoptive parents, who have been cooperative throughout the investigation. He also confirmed that they are no longer in their home, and are now staying in Bakersfield.

“They’ve been back a couple of times to either take items out or whatever,” Walker said. “But we spot check it quite often and we don’t see a lot of activity in the house.”

He says there’s no possibility the boys, or the boys’ bodies, are in the house.

“We’ve looked everywhere possible in a house we could possibly look,” Walker said. “We brought in search dogs, cadaver dogs, any dog you can think of has been in that house and has not had any kids anywhere in the house.”

There’s still plenty of evidence and security footage to go through. So far, they’ve found nothing significant. Despite this, he says this case is far from getting cold.

“We’re not at a point now that we’re exhausted or want to give up.”

They previously had four supporting agencies on the investigation- but now they have two: the FBI and Bakersfield Police. Chief Walker says he appreciates search efforts from the community and encourages people to continue looking.

“The longer it takes obviously the less chance that we’re going to find them but I still have hope and confidence that we will,” Walker said.

There’s plenty more in that interview where chief walker discusses other rumors going around – including his previous career as an actor.