Tina Pola: Old River Elementary

Local News

“I teach second grade in the PBVUSD.  Last week, I took a Physical Education course through our district university.  I learned a great deal of PE games and engaging activities for my students however many of these great activities require teams, groups, offensive side, defensive side, safe zones, and equipment.  Our school does not have the budget to provide extra PE equipment for such fun and engaging activities.  I would like to incorporate these fun PE games and activities into my PE lessons.”

Wish list:
30 soft bean bags

10 small plastic cones

30 tennis balls

30 flag belts

30 red nylon mesh youth jerseys 

30 yellow nylon mesh youth jerseys 

30 blue nylon mesh youth jerseys

30 green nylon mesh youth jerseys

15 -20 PE scooters

1 set of marker cones

1 set of small soft mush balls

1 tennis racket

1 set of flat bases

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