Three CSUB educators get $22,000 grant to address equity in the classroom

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Three faculty members with the Cal State Bakersfield Teacher Education department have received $22,000 from the TeachingWorks-CSU Methods Course Fellowship. 

The university said Brittney Beck, Jesus Esquibel and Alice Hays are the recipient of the grant, which aims to help them advance their coursework and field experiences for teacher candidates. 

The TeachingWorks fellowship, of which the faculty members were invited to participate in, is focused on ultimately helping teachers and teacher educators identify and address issues of race, class, sexuality and immigration status that may arise in the classroom. 

Some of the areas that are studied include how teachers question students, who is called on and who is not and the physical distance there should be between teacher and student. 

“With this knowledge of how race may play out in the classroom, we’re able to use it as a lens for analyzing the moves a teacher makes to either empower or disempower students of color in classroom discussions,” Beck said. “The TeachingWorks fellowship has enabled me, as an individual, and us, as a department, to begin to develop common ways of thinking, discussing, practicing and mapping the complex work of just and equitable teaching.” 

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